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07-Apr-2019 20:08

Yes, they are characters that are written to love each other.

Yes, they do selfless acts of love for each other a lot during the series.

The last thing we as a society need to do is glamorize abuse and abusive relationships, because it’s something that needs to be taken seriously.

Yes, this is a television show, but this shouldn’t be something people feel they can just freely portray on television and have it not make a lasting impression of its viewers.

If you haven’t seen an episode, you’ve at least heard of it or know of the characters.

However, the lesson these young teenage girls pick up from watching their characters relationships isn’t the healthiest.

They bring out the best in each other, they make each other confident and happy and everything a good relationship should.

However, the manipulation and borderline psychotic extremities that these characters drive the other to reach is not something that should be strived for.

They’re both extremely fashionable, witty, and loved/feared by their peers.

They have a love for each other that’s seen to be unbreakable - their bond is strong, and they are portrayed as really caring about each other.As girls grow into women, women continue to believe it.